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Multimedia authoring software.

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!Easy ScreenSaver Studio - Make ScreenSaver yourself! This is a ScreenSaver maker software to make your own ScreenSaver easily. You can create ScreenSaver step by step, add image/audio(MP3/WMA/MIDI/WAV...) files, edit images, preview the slideshow and save a SCR/EXE easily.

2Flyer Screensaver Builder Pro - Make your own enjoyable screensavers with 1000 images, transition effectc and music files easily.

360 Degrees Of Freedom - Offers a variety of java applets to display panoramas, or interactive products. There are detailed examples of the capabilities of the applets.

A4Desk Flash Menu and Web Site Builder - A4Desk is a flash template-based, all-in-one software suite to help users develop flash menu headers, flash web sites , and multimedia flash presentations. A4Desk provides an easy to use interface and requires absolutely NO coding knowledge.

Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker - Acme Photo ScreenSaver Maker is a professional photo screen saver maker. APSSM makes it easy to build a fully customizable screen saver with your own photos and music fast. There are 90 cool transition effects and 23 dynamic headline effects.

Aframe - Easy and rapid authoring of tests that can incorporate video, sound, graphics and animation.

Amara Photo Slideshow Software - Amara Flash Photo Slideshow software is a Flash album creator to help the web designer to create and design animated Flash slide-shows. The software is compatible with all popular graphic file and audio formats.

AMT Learning Solutions - Provides powerful tools to create software demos, simulations, multimedia presentations and training CBT quickly.

Apple Media Tool News Center - A site chock-full of information and news about Apple Media Tool.

AudioGraph Home page - AudioGraph is a low-bandwidth multimedia tool that targets the web. It produces rich interactive multimedia for eLearning. It can generates presentations and quizes, static or animated pages.

AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0 - This program is a visual development tool for creating multimedia AutoPlay menus.

Biography Software - Software that allows the creation of multimedia journals, tailored to specific areas of life.

Blaze Media Pro - Powerhouse all-in-one audio/video converter (two-way among CD, MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, FLIC, etc.); editor; recorder; audio, video (VCD/SVCD), and data CD/DVD burner; video creation/extraction/processing, player; and much more.

Brainshark - Web communications service provider that allows businesses to instantly author, deliver and manage rich-media content based on Powerpoint presentations.

Bytes of Learning - MP Express software allows easy integration of videos, pictures, sound effects and musical compositions into presentations.

C Point - Platypus - Downloads and support for animation software and multimedia development.

Caliban Mindwear - HyperGASP is a multimedia authoring tool for educators and the HyperCard community. The program is available for all Macintosh computers.

CaptiVision 2.1 - CaptiVision 2.1 is designed for digital camera owners who take many photos and need to share them with family, friends or colleagues. http://download.webbeo.com/CaptiVision/Installer/Current/NgCv21sw.exe

CBT Master - Has list of software features, online sample tutorial, and online ordering. Software features electronic storyboarding, easy to use interface and does not require programming skills.

ClearSand Corporation - MediaForge is an event-driven, object-based authoring tool in which scenes and backgrounds are related through hierarchical parent-child links using an object palette. Simply drop the required objects onto the stage or into a scene or background and then

CourseBuilder Authoring software - Courseware authoring tool for non-programmers; general information, example programs and a downloadable demo.

CRE:8 Multimedia Software - CRE:8 Multimedia allows the average PC user to assemble professional multimedia quickly and easily without any programming skills.

Creating Interactive Multimedia - Tips on successful interactive design.

Dazzler Deluxe - A multimedia authoring tool that uses a graphical user interface without any programming necessary.

DazzlerMax - Creates multimedia which can be published to CDROM, or as an HTML page or as a Java applet for your web site.

Digital Workshop - Home of Illuminatus and Paint Shop Pro.

Easy Templates Free Flash Animations - Creating your own entire website is peanuts using Flash templates from EasyTemplates. EasyTemplates offers you the most flexible and easiest way imaginable to create Flash websites. You don't need to know Flash or HTML to create your website.

Flash Pro - In A Flash Pro 3.0 allows for the simple and cost effective creation of Flash compatible Movies that run as Web site intros, E-mail campaigns and stand alone presentations. http://download.webbeo.com/InAFlash/Installer/Current/NgIaf30sw.exe

FlashLAB - Finally! A tool to quickly and easily browse and convert Flash files. Now anyone can scan Flash files and see them all animating in thumbnail form http://download.webbeo.com/FlashLab/Installer/Current/NgFl11sw.exe

Flying PopCorn - Multimedia Contents Authoring Tool : Flying PopCorn 6 lets you produce splendid, yet refined, contents with multimedia materials (text, image, sound, video, animation, Flash, web document and database) with easy and convenient editing.

Formula Graphics - Software can use sound and graphic files of a wide variety of formats, has search capabilities and supports database SQL queries via ODBC.

GraFX Saver Pro - Create and distribute your own professional screen savers with over 30 image, video, and audio formats; 120+ special effects; installations for your screen savers; optional trial version creation; quick and easy to use interface; and much more!

HyperMethod - Visual Authoring Tool - Integrates text, hypertext, sound, video, graphics and animation in an application which requires no programming skills. Can also create of information retrieval systems with indexing and SQL capabilities.

iMEDIA Builders - Web design tools for creating Macromedia Flash, GIF and AVI animations, clipart, mp3, midi and wav files.

Intersystem Concepts, Inc. - Home of the Summit and Everest Authoring Systems.

Issues in Multimedia Authoring - Information about authoring metaphors, content design, visual design and technical design.

Katabounga - This tool can incorporate images, sounds, movies, Quicktime VR into one multimedia project. Uses a drag and drop tool panel to create interactivity.

Leadtools - Software includes image editing, video editing and playback, video conferencing using DirectX technologies.

Lexicographer - Multimedia authoring tool for creating electronic dictionaries. It is designed to be used by writers, publishers, librarians, corporate resource personnel, media centers, writing centers and secondary and post-secondary classroom teachers.

Magenta MultiMedia Tools - Features an object oriented, extendable programming language and a native code generating compiler for all Windows OS.

Media Semantics - Tools for building rich interactive media content hosted by believable cartoon and 3D characters.

MediaChance - Windows-based multimedia authoring system creates autorun CD menus, multimedia applications, demos, presentations, and MP3 players as small stand-alone Windows applications.

MediaMake&Go - Specially designed tool for the demanding requirements of future multimedia development. It uses and enhances the functionality of Macromedia Director.

MetaCard - A multimedia authoring tool and GUI development environment for Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/98/NT, Unix/X11, and Macintosh systems.

MMP - eMMa (environment for multimedia authoring) uses a knowledge-based system to support the content developer.

MovieWorks Deluxe - Is a multimedia presentation/authoring tool that allows you to create web movies, videos, slide shows, animations, presentations and interactive CD's quickly and easily. [Mac and PC platform]

NeoBook Professional - Windows-based system that is powerful, easy-to-use multimedia authoring system. Includes tools to create interactions; buttons, text input boxes and radio buttons.

Night Kitchen - Cross-platform authoring tool for multimedia e-books. Feature tour, user forum and download trial version of the tool.

Ovation Studio Pro - Is a multimedia tool for creating professional multimedia applications such as screensavers, games, storybooks, tutorials, Computer Based Training (CBT), CD-ROM front-ends, interactive catalogs, corporate presentations, interactive magazines.

PlayMo - Allows publishing of interactive video, audio, and images, and easy creation of simulation models that have the same function as the actual object. Electronic manuals, interactive catalogues and electronic learning supported.

Poor Man's VR - A Java 360 degree panoramic image viewer applet that will run in any browser that supports Java.

PopuLinx 3001 - As search engines tighten their stronghold on Internet link popularity rules, Webmasters relentlessly try to beat search engine algorithms. PopuLinx 3001 software revolutionizes link popularity and puts the power back in the Webmasters hands.

Presentware Multimedia Authoring Software - Offers multimedia authoring software that uses a user friendly interface without any programming required.

RADAuthor - Designed for rapid development of computer-based training packages without a programmer.

ROM with a View CD-ROM, DVD Autorun Authoring - ROM with a View, DVD and CD Autorun Authoring. Easy to use, powerful CD-ROM Autoplay creation includes: WYSIWYG editor, Wizard, ActiveX container and a full featured script language abstract.

Scala iplay studio - Features a simple user interface which imports digital photos, adds text and sound, then the creation can be distributed via email or web channels.

Skunklabs Liquid Media - is a powerful and easy to use multimedia presentation utility, capable of delivering smooth animating graphics with real time effects to make presentations that stand out from the rest.

Slim Show - lets you create professional, interactive multimedia Windows programs without writing any code. Programs created are compact and efficient (stand alone program size starts at only 60 KB)

Springboard - Is a free program for designing storyboards for animation or video. Its emphasis is on providing a simple set of tools that don't get in the way of the real task.

Storyspace - A hypertext writing environment that is especially well suited to large, complex, and challenging hypertexts.

StudioLine Web  - Create and publish professional web sites in a single interface without HTML knowledge. StudioLine Web is the comprehensive solution for professional websites that does not require technical (HTML) knowledge. It integrates all applications.

SuperLink - The software is suitable for personal multimedia use as well as professional multimedia publishing which runs on any Windows 3.1 system with a minimum of a 386 and 4MB memory.

Tactic! - A course authoring tool that combines instructional design with an easy to use multimedia components. No programming required to create a course.

Tribeworks iShell - Is an object based, drag and drop authoring tool that can be used on Macintosh or Windows machines which supports QuickTime 4.

VAMP Media Center - Listen to your Mp3s, organize your media, edit your own clip, make your own screen savers, wallpaper, calendars, photo albums. Enjoy photo sharing and download new materials every day. Send cool dynamic greetings. Play On-line games.

Visviva Software, Inc. Multimedia Authoring Tools - The Visviva Authoring Studio (VAS) is a multimedia authoring tool which integrates object design, animation composition, 3D modeling and composition, image painting, vector drawing, and hypertext editing.

Your Product Name

A brief phrase or sentence describing the contents of the site. Maximum 250 characters.

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